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How To Deal With Computing Science Homework Quickly

Whether or not you like doing homework, you still have to complete it. Computer science classes (especially at the university level) are often very hard and require a lot of work. It can be overwhelming unless you have some guidance. Read this page to find out how you can quickly do the work you need to do.

  1. Use your computer. Even if your teacher gives out a piece of paper to write your answers on, you should type them first. Most people can type at least a little faster than they write, sometimes a lot faster, and it will save you time. Then, you can copy them down onto paper afterwards
  2. Find a distraction free work spot. You will be able to focus much better if you can put on blinders and only pay attention to your work. Things like cell phones, TV and people around you can make your work go slower than it should.
  3. Begin your school work at school. This is easy if you have a free period or some time at the end of your class to simply work. Even just five minutes between classes can make a difference, as it can be hard to start a new project. After you have gotten it going it will be easier to keep going.
  4. Turn off your phone. For the few minutes you will be doing this assignment, you do not need to be reachable by friends. Texts and even most calls can wait.
  5. Be prepared with all your materials. If you have everything ready in one place, you do not have to waste time going to look for it. It only invites distraction if you stop in the middle of work to go get something else you need.
  6. Dedicate a little time every day. Most assignments are not simple enough to finish in one evening, so you have to chip away at it each day. A five hour project will be overwhelming the night before it is due, but if you did one hour a day for five days, it would be almost painless.
  7. Set a timer. Your kitchen timer, or one on your computer will work just fine. See how much you can get done in just twenty minutes. If you are lacking motivation, setting a timer also helps with that. You only have to dislike your work for twenty minutes and then take a break.

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