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Doing Homework Assignments After School: 7 Helpful Suggestions

Although boring is the kindest word most students can come up with, doing homework after school is very important to your academic life. Along with being sure that you review the material learned during the day, homework is also a good indicator of whether or not you are understanding the concepts you have been taught. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get through it with ease:

  • Make a Schedule
  • Making a schedule can be very beneficial at keeping you on top of everything. By writing down all of your assignments and various due dates, you will be sure to remember when things are due and have them completed promptly and on time. You will also know what has the highest importance level.

  • Break up the Work
  • By breaking up your work into smaller units, you will find it much easier to finish it after school. For example, 20 minutes of Math before supper, and 20 minutes after supper, instead of a full 40 minute session.

  • Have a partner!
  • Having a study partner can make your after school assignments much less tedious, and a lot more fun to do while you're at home. Additionally, it will make the work go by faster if you each take a portion and help each other.

  • Stay Happy
  • Don't consistently think negative thoughts as you do your homework. Thinking positively can help you get through it faster, and keep your stress level down. Keep thinking about all the time you will have free after you have finished, and all the detentions you won't have.

  • Don't distract yourself
  • Having distractions will just make you procrastinate doing your homework. Instead of watching TV as you work, find an area that is quiet and conductive to studying. You'll be less tempted to slack off, and you'll be able to devote all of your attention to the TV after you're done your homework.

  • Help yourself
  • If you don't fully understand the assignment you have been given, you can always stay after school and ask a teacher for help to give you some additional pointers. However, if you're at home and have no idea where to start, you can always do a search of help sites on the internet relating to your problem subject to give you some assistance.

  • The old 50/50
  • This is likely the oldest trick in the book. If you really can't handle sitting down and working your ways through pages of homework every evening, do something similar to this: Work for 30 minutes, and then do something you enjoy for 30 minutes. It will take you longer overall, but try this method if you want to save your sanity.


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