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Middle School Homework: Good And Bad Features

Most teachers are increasingly giving middle school kids lots of homework. But is homework good? Or are they an unnecessary burden? In the past, there have been calls by different associations and child rights activists that homework be abolished. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of this divisive topic;


  • Students get a chance to practice what they have learned in class. Through such practice, students can learn even more and understand better.
  • Students get to like the subject more. Well, this may not happen immediately but the more a student is exposed to certain subjects, the more likely they are to find ways to love the subject.
  • Students get the chance to discuss difference topics with their parents. This not only allows the parents to make a contribution to their children’s education but helps to bring the family together.
  • Homework is a form of remedial classes. By allowing students to try solving a problem when they return home, the teacher is actually extending the classroom and the learning session.
  • It instills discipline. The homework has to be done by the student at their own time but before they return to school the following day. This forces the student to plan well and create time for the homework. It makes them better managers of their resources.


  • Homework may help students to like a subject they initially loathed. However, it is also possible for the same homework to make the student hate the subject even more. It causes fear and a lot of pressure.
  • Homework consumers the students’ play and relaxation time. With the homework waiting, the student may not be able to relax the mind because they’re always worried about completing it or facing the wrath of the teacher.
  • It may breed a culture of carelessness in the student. Imagine a child who is worried about a complex homework but who also wants to play with their friends. That student might be tempted to do the homework hurriedly with paying to attention to their handwriting or research skills.
  • Homework eats into family time. Although homework may bring the family together and strengthen the bond between the child, siblings, and parents/guardians, it also consumes a big chunk of the family time. All the family will be thinking of is helping the child complete their homework!

There are plenty of resources on the internet how to balance the demands of homework for the benefit of everyone involve.


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