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Is Homework An Inalienable Part Of The Education Process: Pros And Cons

Homework as the term suggests makes the students go through the revision of what has been taught in the class. However, if we see from a kid’s point of view- Are they not already spending enough time and energy in the school? Do they still need to exasperate themselves?

School debate: Cons:

  • Homework is basically all pain and no gain.
  • Home assignments are hurting. It keeps the student’s mind engage even after they come from the school. They are piled up with the loads of work.
  • It exhausts them completely hampering their learning thereafter and offering little in terms of educational value.
  • It offers very little time for physical development. Students do not stay free. To cultivate new thought process, they should be kept free.
  • Today, most of the parents are working. They hardly find any time to teach their kids or spend some time with them. An extra homework creates a burdensome atmosphere at home.
  • Some schools make it all work and no play for kids by offering huge lots of work at home.
  • Stress deteriorates learning.
  • Home assignment acts as a layout for inefficient, lazy and unwilling teachers to put their efforts.

Homework debate: Pros:

“Practice makes a man perfect”. The more they practice, better hands-on on the subject they will have. Apart from this, the syllabus designed by the researchers also emphasizes that children do practice at home and show their efforts equally.

  • It’s not only the teacher’s responsibility to teach them but parents should also play a key role in building these future blocks.
  • Teachers are provided eminent training sessions regarding student’s home assignments. The homework designed is part of the effective teaching strategies.
  • It benefits the students and prepares them to work hard and become responsible individuals.
  • It is highly meaningful and keep students busy channelizing their energy in a positive direction.
  • Right work creates a better learning environment which is beyond the walls of the classrooms.
  • Assignment teaches time management.
  • A variety of contents can be articulated and reinforced through the home assignments making students explore more and more on their own.
  • It teaches perseverance, self management and other desirable qualities.
  • Assignments offer mastery over the subject.
  • It facilitates equality in school. Everyone has different pace of learning and to cater varied level of intelligence, it standardizes the education system.
  • It offers better learning atmosphere.
  • Schools have limited time and by means of homework, even complex topics can be taught effectively.
  • It leads to growth of brain too.

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