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How To Restore Homework Motivation If You Are Tired

When completing homework, it is easy to find your motivation slipping, particularly if you are tired. Ideally, you will have a good plan or routine for when you do the work - which can help to eliminate tiredness; however, these plans don’t always work out.

If you are struggling with any work due to tiredness, and you are wondering if there any ways in which you can restore your motivation, then the following may help you to focus on concentrate better.

Take a short nap

One of the first suggestions is to simply take a short nap. Even a 20 minute nap can help to reinvigorate your energy levels, and restore your motivation. In fact, as tempting as it may be to work through the fatigue, sometimes this is less effective, and ultimately slows your brain down.

Rather than working at say 50%, it is much better to simply take a nap, in order to allow yourself to work closer to 100%, which will be far more effective and efficient.

Drink on energy drink

If you need a short-term boost to your motivation levels, due to the fact that you are feeling tired, then it may be worth drinking an energy drink. One thing to be aware of though is that these energy drinks should not be used as a long-term solution. In fact, it is often suggested that these energy drinks will only give you about a half an hour boost, before the fatigue will set in again. Furthermore, they are not particularly healthy, so you should not rely on them. Nevertheless, they are appropriate for a short-term pick me up.

Eat some chocolate

Studies have suggested that chocolate has a positive reaction on your brain, and releases hormones that not only make you happy, but can help to bring back your motivation. Therefore, it can be a good idea to have a couple squares of chocolate if you’re feeling tired and unmotivated.

Allow enough time to take breaks

One final thing to consider when completing homework is that you should allow enough time to take breaks. Just as you should take a nap if you’re feeling tired, you should take regular breaks to allow your brain to unwind. In fact, you will be far more efficient and effective, and less likely to suffer from tiredness, if you allow yourself regular breaks. Even 5 to 10 minutes every hour or so can have a huge effect on your productivity.


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