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Where To Go Looking For Homework Help In Business If You Got Stuck

Let’s face it, all of us needs help or has needed help with homework at some point in our lives. This article gives you a few sources as to where you can find that kind of assistance, with business in particular. The options are listed in order of ease.

  • Option One: read the designated textbook. We have them for a reason. Most times, the course curriculum is tailored around the contents of that book or books and vice versa. So it would seem like an easy decision to look there. And while finding the answers may take quite a bit or reading, because let’s face it, how often is the answer lying right in front of us, it will definitely be worthwhile to scour those pages and maybe even find some additional information that can help you.
  • Option Two: look online. There are a multitude of business resources on the internet. Try typing in the keywords of the answer you’re searching for and go from there. It’s best to use credible sources when searching online; Wikipedia is a not considered to be one. Try journals and (free) online textbooks.
  • Option Three: go to your instructors for assistance. Yes, they are the people who gave you the work in the first place so it’s not very likely that they will provide you with the answers outright. What they can do is provide you with places that you can look such as the name of a book, the name of a website or the specific lecture. If they aren’t willing to do that, you can share your train of thought, and they may be able to guide you in the right direction. If none of those options are available, try to find another business professor who is willing to do the tasks above.
  • Option Four: Ask your peers. The risk of doing this is that your peer could be totally wrong, and you go down with them. Try to find an above average performer in the course then ask them for assistance. Do not ask for the answer straight from their notes because plagiarism is probably not allowed. Instead, ask them for little hints or sources where you can find the answer.

One or more of the sources above should be able to provide you with enough information that you can use to find a suitable answer to any business questions given for homework.


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