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Dealing With Homework In High School: Organizing Your Working Process

The number of students who enjoy homework are few and far between, but it does serve an vital purpose. Doing assigned work at home will help students to build the essential study habits they will need for college, get prepared for classes, reinforce concepts that have been learned during the day, and will give them a sense of how they are progressing. Here are some tips on organizing your working process more effectively and efficiently so that homework does not control you:

  • Have a dedicated study area
  • Create or design a proper study area that contains everything you will need, such as the computer, paper, pens, calculator, etc. If there is no quiet place for you to call your own at home, consider doing your studying at the library or at the school itself.

  • Understand where to start
  • Keep a running list of all the assignments you have and the deadline for them. Consider doing the harder assignments first so that you will not be stuck dealing with them at the end.

  • Keep the study consistent
  • On the nights when you are lucky enough to not have active homework, keep up your study habits by reviewing some of the material you are studying currently. It becomes less of a dreaded necessity if doing work at home becomes an integral part of your routine. You will also learn how to use time productively, a skill that will serve you well in the future.

  • Keep everything in perspective
  • Pay close attention to how much weight each test or assignment carries and use your study time with that in mind.

  • Get more involved
  • When your mind begins to wander from the task at hand, put it back on track by discussing the topic with someone else, underling sections in your text, and taking notes of what is important.

  • Get the information organized
  • Students process information in ways that are different from others. While some people prefer to make detailed outlines or read out loud, others need to draw charts or pictures to digest the information. Use the method that works the best with you so that you retain the maximum amount of information.

  • Use free time to your advantage
  • If you happen to have a long bus ride or an in-school study period, take that time to start your homework, prepare for an upcoming class, or review notes that you have taken.

  • Try studying with a buddy
  • If you study with a friend you can compare notes and quiz each other to be certain you understand the material fully.


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