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Effective Strategies For Dealing With Homework Depression

Many case studies have shown that a lot of unnecessary school homework burden results in stress, depression and anxiety. To avoid such situations, one must avoid taking work load. Such stress giving schools should also revise their work policies. How can you expect from a student to study consecutively eight hours in schools and after that, another 3-4 hours extra for revising the class work. Teachers should be able enough to complete their work in their classes. Well, in such cases, you can never blame a single party. Parents also do not take any responsibility and this negligence results in destroying their kid’s future.

Whoever is responsible, one should maintain a balance between studies and home tasks. Kids should not feel pressured and over-burdened. This way they start taking interest in other things and do not like doing their home tasks.

How can we do homework without taking depression?

The answer is simple. Always take one grain at a time. It is a solution for all kinds of depression. It actually means to occupy you with one task at a time. Make a plan and follow it. All organized works result in good results. Any unplanned work cannot give you a satisfactory result.

Setting a routine can be very helpful in this regard. Assign 2-3 hours for studies in your presence. Consecutive hours will make your kid bore of studies. Plan your study hours with small intervals or breaks. You can also ask your kid to take rest and feel fresh for an hour or more. Try to be strict in following the scheduled routine.

Do not give any kind of leniency to your kid while following the schedule. Fix the time of sleep, study and play. This would result in making your kid more disciplined and obedient. Do not expect your child to be trained in a week. He will take time in setting his routine. Help him and tell him you are his support. Love and affection are the hidden weapons for dealing your kid.

You may notice too much work load affect your kid’s grades and health both. You can also conduct a meeting with your kid’s teachers in this context. They would understand it and would hopefully try to cooperate with you because they are habitual of dealing such situations. Moderation is always beneficial. Ask his teachers to be moderate in giving home tasks.


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