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How To Find Good Music To Listen To While Doing Homework

Music is a powerful form of art which alter your mood, inspire motivation and bring up emotions. Many people listen to music while studying in order to make the process more enjoyable. Some others believe that music helps them learn. There is no agreement as to how music impacts on learning because some people are for it, while others are against it. The foregoing notwithstanding, you should choose music that does not interfere with your concentration.

The following are tips on how to find good music to listen to, while doing homework.

  • Avoid music with lyrics:
  • According to experts, music with lyrics tends to activate the brain’s language-processing centers, and can be distracting. This is particularly if studying or reading humanities or doing homework in that subject. Listening to this music may make processing the lyrics difficult as your brain also tries to process the words you are studying. Studies show that listening to music with lyrics can make concentration difficult, and you may find it challenging if you try to recall information you have just learned.

  • Choose classical music:
  • According to Robin Harwood et al, in their book “Child Psychology”, in the point to “Mozart Effect”, they believe that listening to instrumental music can be helpful in improving intelligence. This conclusion is based on the single study, though it was refuted subsequently. According to Harwood et al, listening to classical or instrumental music will not make one smarter but it may have soothing and relaxing effect that is not as distractive as music with lyrics.

    If you are one of those who believe that music can help you concentrate on your homework, the following are sites where you can find your most favorite music.

  • YouTube:
  • YouTube is the largest music sharing network in the world. In this site, you can find all type of music videos. You may be required to create a YouTube account so that you can upload your videos and music, but you can still use it without creating account.

  • Spotify:
  • This is an awesome website where you can listen to free music online. The site acts as radio so you will listen to songs from different artists.

  • Pandora:
  • This is another great site where you can listen to music from different artists for free.

Note that in most of these sites, you have to be connected to internet to get the live streaming and enjoy music. You will need Wi Fi connection because listening to them over mobile data can be costly.

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